Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Xclusive Pets Supplies ... Singapore's #1 Online Shop

Bringing pet products for your little ones at a fraction of the cost that you'd pay in established stores. Same product, same quality, just cheaper.
XclusivePets is dedicated to bring in quality products like Hagen's range of Catit and Vesper branded items. It doesn't matter whether your fur-baby is a British Short Hair, Rag doll, Persian, Siamese or even Bengal breed. We ensure our products quality remain even when we make it more affordable.
Here, at XclusivePets, other than Catit and Vesper branded items, we will also gradually grow our stock range to include other Hagen's products as well as cater to more than just cats.
We are also exploring the possibility of offering food products like Sanabelle, Monge, Solid Gold, just to name a few. So feel free to browse through our products. Send us your comments. Share your thoughts with us. Importantly, let your fur-babies feel your love.
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