Sunday, July 13, 2014

Success Tips: The 3 Steps to Career and Financial Success

There are no mystical secrets to being financially successful and achieving one's dreams in life. Simple as it may sound, achieving success can be distilled to the straightforward act of taking action.
So if achieving success is that simple, why is it then that so few people achieve it? The excuses are many - some are good, some are bad. Some are reasonable and some are not. Unfortunately, the excuses that people give are just that - excuses. Even more unfortunate is the fact that these people believe wholeheartedly that their excuses are real and that they are conditions, which cannot be overcome.
A thorough analysis of the excuses people give to explain their inactions will reveal that the common underlying cause stopping them is fear. People do not take the necessary actions to become successful simply because they are afraid. Fear is an extremely powerful emotion and, like all emotions, it is neutral. What this means is that you can either use it positively to propel yourself towards success, or you can let it affect you negatively and inhibit your actions. It is up to you to decide what meaning to place on it, and more importantly, the effect that it will have on you.
The following 3-step process will teach you how to overcome your fears and take action. To illustrate, let's use the example of asking for a promotion you feel you deserve.
Step 1: Recognize: As in all solutions, your awareness of the problem is the beginning to solving it. In this first step, you must begin to recognize that no matter what the excuse, or excuses, you may have for not asking for the promotion, it is fear and fear alone that is stopping you.
Step 2: Understand why: The next step in the process is to understand your fears. This is the crucial step as only by understanding what it is you fear, will you be able to discover the more important why you have this fear. Some possible fears stopping you from asking for the promotion could be your fear of rejection (the boss may say no), fear of ridicule (my colleagues will think I am thick-skinned), or even a fear of success (sub-consciously you think you don't deserve it). An honest soul-search will often reveal some surprising fears limiting you.
Step 3: Take action!: Finally, once you understand what you fear, the next step is to simply create a greater fear for not taking action. Simplistic as it may sound, it is really that simple.
In the example given above, if the fear stopping you is your fear of rejection, you will then need to create a greater and more productive fear to overcome your fear of rejection. Examples of some compelling and productive fears that you could use are your fear of loss; fear of failure; fear of disappointment; fear of regret and even your fear of shame.
The key, to producing a "productive" fear, capable of compelling you to action, is to combine both your emotions and your natural desire to avoid loss. The combination of these two feelings will create a fear so powerful that you cannot but take action. Though this third step may seem difficult, it is fortunately not. Initially, you may find yourself taking small actions. Don't despair. Like any muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes. In fact small actions taken consistently daily will add up and bring you closer towards financial success and living the life of your dreams.
Learning to overcome your fear of taking action is your first step towards success. Some people say that knowledge is power. I say knowledge is potential power. It is what you do with knowledge that is actual power.
Go for it! Take action now ...

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