Saturday, June 14, 2014

About Us: SG Insider Deals

In Singapore, as in any country in the world, finding the best deals is often as simple as knowing where to look. This is because there is always some "insider" who knows someone who knows someone that can get you the best bargains.
promotions in Singapore
In order to help you (Singaporeans and tourists alike), SG Insider Deals leverages on our extensive networks and over 20 years in business to share with you the best promotions available in Singapore. Some of these promotions are well known to the public, while others are known only to a select few. Regardless of where the deal comes from, SG Insider Deals will share this information with you so that you can save.
Users of SG Insider Deals are to note that we only guarantee deals that are administered through us i.e. where we act as the agent. For all others, caveat emptor (buyer beware). SG Insider Deals is owned and managed by CW Fong & Associates and we are a leading social media company in Singapore. CW Fong & Associates owns and manages popular blogsites like SG Wedding Guru, SG Tutors, SG Fitness Trainers and SG Social Media Guru. As such, we are a bona fide company and we will guarantee all transactions made via us.
SG Insider Deals: For the best bargains in Singapore!

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